Our Principal

When walking through the school grounds, over weekends or perhaps during school holidays, one realises that a school is nothing more than mere bricks and mortar and means very little without its pupils. It is the children’s faces and laughter that fill a home or a school with life.

The foundation of our school rests on four pillars – Guiding values; Academic Programs; Sport activities and Cultural activities. These pillars must be equally strong in a school, only then, will a school thrive.

A school must have a holistic approach towards your child’s education. In the Primary school the child must be exposed to all kinds of activities so that he/she, with insight and experience, can one day make well informed decisions about what they want to do with their life.

The school and home must function as a unit, so that we can work together to help your child on the way to adulthood. Parent involvement at our school is of utmost importance, because that will determine how your child’s school will look like in the future.

Together we must build your child’s life so that he/she can make a valuable contribution to our country’s economy. We must strive for our children to be obedient, well balanced and independent citizens of our country.

Good luck with your child’s school career.



Bryanston Parallel Medium Pre Primary Principal