The History of Our School

In 1991, Marinda Booysen, was a young teacher and mother of a 2 year old little boy, asked the Primary School (then known as Bryanston Laerskool) if they knew of a Pre-School for her child. She specifically wanted an Afrikaans Pre-School as she was worried about her child’s language development. She had a conversation with the Principal, Mr Potgieter and the Governing Body and they gave their permission that she could start a “play group” in the music centre of the school. The play group started with 4 children in 1991. In 1992 the play group grew to 8 children. The class expanded and became a nursery class for children aged 3 – 5 years old.

At the same time, another mother, Sonja Hamman, was searching for a school for her son Timothy. Timmy did not speak at all and was diagnosed with severe hearing loss. Sonja was anxious to find a mother-tongue nursery school for him. In 1993 Sonja and Marinda got together and decided to start a second class. The idea of the second class was to create an environment where Timothy could learn Afrikaans.

With 16 children in two classes the space became too small. The Governing Body under the leadership of Mrs Brigitte van Schouwenburg made use of the services of Mr Thys Neser and together they planned the first pre-school. Sonja Hamman and Marinda Booysen founded the school and took it through its initial start-up. An additional 24 children had to be recruited to start a third class and employee a third teacher.

In 1998 the first official classes and bathrooms were built. The first principals for the Pre-Primary was Mrs Christa Pieterse, who came from Randburg Kleuterskool. Mrs Wilna van Rooyen followed after her. In 1998 the school decided to add an English medium class to the school. An English class was added for each grade. And the rest is history!