Code of Conduct for Parents

Rights & Responsibilities of Parents

All parents have the RIGHT:

  1. To actively participate, wherever possible, through constructive involvement in the governance and life of the school
  2. To request, should they so wish, an interview with any educator or member of the management staff, through the correct procedure which is to telephone the Secretary or apply in writing

All parents have the RESPONSIBILITY:

  1. To build, wherever possible, a positive link between home and school
  2. To ensure that the learner obeys the school’s code of conduct, regulations and procedures
  3. To ensure that the learner is punctual:
    • in his/her attendance of school in the morning
    • at sport, cultural or academic functions
  4. To ensure that the learner is collected punctually after school
  5. To ensure that the learner does not miss school unless GENUINELY ill
  6. To ensure that learners eat a nourishing breakfast before coming to school
  7. To ensure that all clothing and items are clearly marked with name
  8. To ensure the school is made aware of any situation or problem which will affect their child or any other learner or members of the school
  9. To ensure that the learner has received all the necessary immunisation, as required by law, upon entering Bryanston Parallel Medium
  10. To ensure that all school notices are read an the reply slips returned the following morning.  We would really appreciate this, as it would reduce the number of unnecessary telephone calls which we have to field.
  11. To ensure that the learner conforms to the norms of Bryanston Parallel Medium family with regard to personal hygiene, cleanliness, neatness and manners